This world is a long, crazy and chaotic quest

All these twists and turns hardens my obscured, bleak head

These cryptic roads will show off themselves soon enough

But I have a hand to hold, although, things get rough


My flesh will get tired from working for  whole day ’round

I’ll close my eyes to listen to beautiful sounds

And see all shades of colors, each and every hue

Then ask some questions but I’ll leave the rest with You


I feel the wind gashing through my sole, helpless heart

I see  my life yonders as it starts to fall apart

A new day will come and I wish I’m not alive

I need You today, tomorrow, all of my life


Wishes and dreams that I’ve tried to reach all alone

Songs of mourning and melodies with missing tones

I call and You say that I shall wait for right time

When my eyes are opened to see Your guiding light


I’d walked across the skies of blue and yellow and grey

Gashes on my heart from walking fast, astray

I kneel down my knees, wishing that You’d talk to me

I close my eyes so I’d continue faithfully


Soon, maybe, I would find out my place in this world

I’ll do it with You without any pang of hurt

I am in the right track as I follow Your ways

I know that I’m home and with You, I’d always stay


I’ve been stumbling and I always try to get up

Whatever happens, I know I don’t wanna stop

I’ll carry my cross and soon, I will find my place

I’ll continue to praise and glorify Your name


Mere human, I know, I will soon break myself down

I will turn the sly smile on my face into frown

I know that my heart will always be Yours to keep

I’m sure  I’ll always find the light I always seek


I’m learning the hard way but it’s always meant

So I’d be guided with Holy Spirit You sent

The blood You offered to save our souls from the dead

My spirit is dying and You alone can mend


The perpetual lines of red and purple and green

The things unknown and the mysteries I have seen

The love and peace and joy I always long to feel

When I am with You, fears and sorrows disappear


My heart is empty, a hole gets bigger inside

No words have I said but I’ve got nothing to hide

I know that you will fill it with Your endless love

You alone can suffice. You alone is enough